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Purge 1 & Purge 2

This album is actually long overdue; but I have to say the longer it took I began to realize the wait behind this album.  Due to life events artists come and go in a music deal.  Therefore; it allowed me to make changes without having to stress about people that are no longer part of the click and now they are no longer on the album.  So, the delay of that actually worked out for me as well for my team.  Putting an album together takes a team of graphic design, photographer, video productions, promotions, studio sessions and more of course money spent in getting the album in the works.  So I can actually say that I'm blessed on that part as well on that note you can actually get a snippet of the album here last but not least our video productions. Next single look out for the "Grindlife

Artist/ Producer Open Mind

What I mean by Artist/Producer I'm an open mind individual, who believes in working with other producers as well.  In the last year or two I have been approached by other producers as well with artists who are also open minded.  We actually feel each other's music where we actually do music together as a collaboration.  Currently; working with Ghost/ Lab9 Beats, BRC from the UK, Herb N Brew from Cali just to name a few.  We support each other on what we do; as well do music on each other's tracks.  If you're reading this short article and you're serious about your craft, as well investing in yourself we can work together.  We believe in a team who respect each other, be loyal, a team member who also pays their dues as well believe in each other's work, not selfish in order to create a long lasting team..

Who & What We Looking For…

Currently we're looking for a publicist, a club deejay, a strong character promoter but very professional, five interns 21 & older, models for up-coming videos in the very near future who believe in grinding with us.  What are your perks; B.E.B Ent. We are affiliated with Plugme TV & Plugme Radio where you would have the opportunity to Co-host with us therefore; if your passion is in the music industry this will be a great field for you.  You can have access to a TV & Radio show as well with Bang'Em Beats Production.  This is a non paying gig, as we are looking for a team that's looking to build & grow with us.  If you have the gift of gab in order to bring paid accounts then you're in the right place and of course you will receive a commission off these accounts brought in.