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My Thoughts On Music


The tracks that I create go according to my mood; I’m an artist 1st before a music producer and a music engineer.  Therefore; when I create a track I think about what my audience/ listeners would like to hear as well as see the crowd move to my music.  So it’s important that I make music for the consumers and create great music for radio play as well.  Being an artist in NYC is not easy. As you read my bio you will see and understand where I’m coming from along with the hard I have put in.  Today’s music industry; mainly looks for artists that are self-made; simply because the industries no longer spend money on promotions, video’s etc.  Therefore; your passion has to shine through your music and really your followers as you continue to grind.  Some artists that are doing it for fun as well for the money have gotten very successful with it for the moment. That actually dies quick for the simple fact some don’t have the patient or it’s just a hobby.  Please understand I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle.  Anyone, who understands the music industry, would say the same.

What I would want from the record labels, exec’s and my followers to understand is: this is my passion as well my job which I don’t really consider a job it’s just what I do.  I love music; music is in my blood coming from my dad who was a well-known Haitian artist.  Music is understood and heard by all artists and what I mean by that being an artist you have to have a great ear for music.  Honestly; some music has fallen in death ears.  The music that I create is great music, I create music for every mind set; you can only understand when you listen to my music.

My music is created by my real life experience none of it is made up.  Although I came from a family where I was born and fed with a silver spoon; losing both my parents’ lives took drastic changes and you will hear it in my music. Therefore; my life is not a cookie cutter; it’s just the blows that life and Mother Nature has thrown at me, as well God putting me to the test.  I didn’t pass with flying colors but I got through the storms; I’m still standing. The artist who 1st inspired me was “Rakim” to me. That’s an artist, a lyricist that’s Hip Hop and still is as we speak KRS One, Nas just to name a few; these three artists alone you can actually see the type of music I would listen to.  I can agree that music has changed a whole lot; but I’m a strong believer that if the artist in NYC put their differences aside and make music it would help better the music industry structure.

Last but not least, new artist should respect who paved the road for them, as well as the artist before should allow new artists to be themselves and possibly do some collaboration if it makes sense.   I respect every artist in the music industry for the simple fact it didn’t happen overnight for any of them.  So I give them a 5 star for that.

Who I would like to work with? Maybach Music/Ricky Rozay, Nas, Busta, L’il Wayne, L’il Kim, Ace Hood, Birdman, G-Unit, French Montana, Chris Brown, Jackie-O Madame of Miami, just to name a few.

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